2020 Anima Reserve Pinot Noir 3pk


3 x 2020 Anima Pinot Noir 750ml

Southern Tasmania is a dynamic landscape. Here, in one of the coldest, most marginal wine climates in the world, Pinot Noir thrives. High sunlight hours, low rainfall, cool nights and unrelenting wind are features of this place. Geologically, Tasmania has more in common with Antarctica than the mainland of Australia.

Three vineyards that surround Hobart each lend their voice to this identity and rigour. Tinderbox with its Triassic sandstone, coastal location and marine influence. Windrush with its elevated, mountainous outlook and Tertiary basalt. Clarence House in the foothills with abundant sunshine and Jurassic dolerite.

These three sites have been harmonized with the 2020 Anima Pinot Noir; our spirit of the vintage. An expression of pinot noir that typifies elegance, purity and nuance. We hope and trust that it will transport you to the beautiful wilds of Southern Tasmania.

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